We Help You Solve Complex Leadership Problems


We help board members and senior executive teams to improve organisational performance by encouraging them to re-examine their thinking and find more effective ways to get to where they need to be.

​We don't peddle off-the-shelf solutions because we know that every organisation is unique. Our approach is to get to know you then work with you and your people to accurately diagnose the issues that concern you, then find sustainable solutions.

We won't borrow your watch then charge for telling you the time. In getting to know you we appreciate that we'll learn something too, and that we'll need to take some of your time, so we do not charge for initial diagnostic work.

We encourage clients to take a whole systems approach to whatever they are trying to do.  This helps them to see their plans, problems and solutions in a wider context and to better understand the possible consequences of their actions, for better or for worse.

Everything we do is grounded in sound organisation and leadership theory and practice. Whenever possible we work in action learning mode on live projects. This helps clients to integrate learning and practice ready for future use.