We have a comprehensive bank of psychometric assessment tools for use in leadership recruitment & selection, and for personal and group development. All can be delivered online and most are available in several languages.
Used for selection, they give much better predictions of potential than do interviews, references and records of past performance and/or qualifications.
They can also help individuals gain deep insights into why they behave as they do, and to form a realistic view of their strengths and development needs
We don't offer standard coaching packages. Instead, after careful assessment of  individual, group and organisation needs, we create bespoke programmes designed to meet specific and measurable objectives. All our work in this area is anchored in positive psychology using, for example, appreciative inquiry and principles of agile and systemic thinking.
Leadership Development
Improving leadership performance is at the heart of what we do. Again, we don't run standard programmes but will put together something unique to move  your organisation  to where it needs to be. Once we understand where that is, we will present an outline programme for your approval together with an estimate of cost. If qualifications are important to you, we can normally get our work approved by reputable awarding bodies, but this can add to both cost and programme length.
We are skilled and experienced in organisation research. If you want to know, for example, how your organisation stacks up against the crowd on things like employee engagement, customer satisfaction, leadership effectiveness etc., we have developed several tried, tested and cost-effective survey tools to give you the answers you need and suggestions on how you might improve. Please get in touch to discuss what you want to do.