A space for leaders to challenge and broaden their thinking


Ever wondered why getting teams to pull in the same direction at the same time can be like herding cats? Or why most well-intentioned quality initiatives rarely deliver sustainable results? Or why your organisation's performance sometimes peaks and troughs for no apparent reason? If so, you're not alone.

The chances are that you're dealing with what organisation theorists call 'Wicked" problems. Dealing with these is like unravelling large balls of knotted string only to discover multiple loose ends. You don't know what will happen if you pull any particular strand. You may not know why you've got a ball of string in the first place.

In today's VUCA world we need to find new ways of looking at complex problems. We also need to be aware that (like the triangle in our logo), things are rarely as they seem. Before we can find new ways to see and think, however, we need to understand what drives our current thinking and behaviour and how it affects people around us.

Executive Space is a series of semi-structured small group meetings that allow leaders to explore in depth what drives their thinking, emotions and behaviour - all within a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

You will complete a comprehensive  psychometric profile early in your programme and receive one-to-one feedback on your interpersonal, thinking and coping styles. This will include commentary on your preferred leadership and teamworking approaches and a measure of your emotional intelligence.

From this you and your coach will jointly explore your new-found self knowledge, what you plan to do with it, what personal learning you may need, and what you are prepared to share with others in your group. 

Your coaches then help the group to identify common issues to be tackled at future meetings. These might include, for example, inputs on functional and dysfunctional leadership approaches; different thinking styles and how to develop them; and sharing members' current issues, problems and possible solutions.

The Executive Space approach relies on members' openness to experience, willingness to experiment with new things and learning from personal successes and failures.  Research over many years shows that this is an effective approach to gaining accurate self-knowledge, which is an essential prerequisite for self development, both at work and socially.


.... But it's not easy, as this quote from one of Europe's top business professors suggests:

"Gaining self-knowledge is the process through which we reconcile the glowing opinion we have of ourselves with the less flattering and even disturbing things other people think about us"


Manfred Kets de Vries

Clinical Professor of Leadership, INSEAD

That's why we work in small groups of 6-8 leaders, each from different organisations. We know it's easier for group members to share experiences with others from outside their usual work circles, provided that commercial and personal confidences are respected. We also know that diverse groups generate better ideas and solutions, therefore we endeavour to match members with others who will support their learning.

Please bear in mind that the benefits to you from joining a group cannot be predicted with precision. These depend on where you're starting from and on how open to experience you and other group members are.


The following quotes from others we've coached will, however, give you a flavour of what you'll be letting yourself in for if you join us, and what you might get out of it: 

"I was shocked by the 360 feedback. It showed that I was the only one who thought I was an effective communicator! I had to put things right and, with the help of the group, I discovered how"

HR Director: Local Govt.

"Getting my profile was a nice surprise. It showed I already had a fairly accurate view of my strengths and weaknesses and I picked up some very useful tips on how to develop my strengths and my team's"

Marketing Exec: Online Retailer


"Peter Senge's quote ("People don't resist change. They resist being changed") was the golden nugget for me. I was a control freak. Now I've learnt to loosen the reins a bit , staff have noticed. Productivity's on the upturn too"

Production Director: Steel Fabrication

"It got me thinking about my own thinking and how to question it. I wasn't sure how the team back at the ranch would react  when I shared it all but  WOW! Our meetings are now open, honest, challenging exciting and fun. Ideas are flowing and all KPIs are beating trend"

Senior Accounts Manager: Advertising

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Executive Space is a joint venture by The Regan Consulting Practice Ltd and Pepper Associates (UK) Ltd.